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Christopher’s Cake Shop is one of Australia’s oldest cake shops that has been in operation since 1955. There are now 10 cake stores across Sydney serving the best cakes around. Drop in for a coffee and experience some tasty and traditional greek desserts, you won’t be disappointed!

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A number may be simple to some, but mean the world to others. The word Endeka translates to the number Eleven. Andriana Panayi, who is our mother, met her father for the first time at age Endeka on Woolloomooloo Warf, following a 35-day voyage from Cyprus. Andriana also has Endeka grandchildren. During the Ottoman Rule of Greece, which began in 1453 and ended in 1821, the Ottoman’s imposed a curfew of 11pm. The Greeks would dance in the streets and celebrate until 11pm to a song called Endeka, inspiring our ‘Freedom For All’ tagline.

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Panayi Providores is a boutique bakery, freshly baking a wide range of products daily. We manufacture for well-known brands, and there is a reason that these exclusive companies trust us to deliver them the best quality produce, because we do so every time. We also cater to cafes and restaurants, providing many of the industry leaders with their produce.

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Kambi Group offers solutions for all of the food service industry. We import Italian equipment, ensuring that our customers have the finest apparatus compared to their competitors. We have been shop fitting since 1998, which gives our company years of experience and successes. You can trust that we will use this knowledge to confidently execute your needs!

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About PRG

The Panayi brothers, Kyriakos, Peter and Anthony, founded Panayi Retail Group in 2017. The brothers have extensive experience in the hospitality industry, with the family having been in the business since 1955. These years of learning and growing within the industry have helped the brothers to really understand what goes behind a successful business in hospitality.

Our vision is to become the largest retail group in Australia, and have our brand well known within the industry. We wish to expand, create and acquire new brands as well as existing ones.

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Our Values

  • Healthy, passionate and high performing team
  • Inspired, engaged and satisfied customers
  • Sustainable omni-retail capabilities
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